Colormetry CMU 324

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SERVICE | cartridge replacement

low reagent content

low reagent content 

The Colormetry CMU 324 unit performs a self-diagnosis at regular intervals.

If „NEW CARTRIDGE“ is displayed during self-diagnosis, the remaining content of the reagent is low and the error message „EVALUATION ERROR“  may appear. 

→ The reagent cartridge should be replaced soon




The alarm "lack-of-reagent"  [output 3 terminals 7 + 8]  is issued when the unit has performed a certain number of analysis intervals.

Requirement for a correct timing of the "lack-of-reagent" alarm is the counter reset was correctly carried out when the cartridge was replaced.

cartridge water hardness

alarm is issued if 3000 analysis-intervals are performed 
after alarm was issued still 300 analysis-intervals are available in reserve

cartridge free chlorine

alarm is issued if 1000 analysis-intervals are performed
after alarm was issued still 100 analysis-intervals are available in reserve


in case of issued alarm the reagent cartridge must be replaced 


analysis counter reset

analysis counter reset

Colormetry CMU 324 Frontfolie


When removing the cartridge from the device, the buzzer sounds as a warning signal.

When the "Buzzer Reset"-button is pressed immediately after a service cartridge is removed, the internal cartridge-replacement-counter is reset

→ Insert a new cartridge




NOTE 2  If you do not want to reset the internal analysis counter,
  wait longer than 60 seconds before you acknowledge the buzzer.




work flow cartridge replacement

work flow cartridge replacement

 Colormetry CMU 324 cartridge replacement

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